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In the beginning, reality was created as a trinity of supernals. Raw energy, raw force was generated by the Wyld. This energy was shaped and given form by the Weaver. These patterns were destroyed and the energy released for new creations by the Wyrm. The Weaver began to develop more advanced and complicated patterns and in doing so, it achieved sentience- the ability to perceive and to feel.

The Weaver's sentience was transferred into its next creations, the primordials. In their manifestations, they gave the Tellurian its basic nature: Khaos, Gaia, Tartaros, Eros, Erebus and Nyx. The Weaver became attached to her "children" and resisted their destruction- she clashed with the Wyrm and the Unbalance began.

The patterns of the primordials became the foundation for the Tellurian and even more complex forms to the Weaver. A new generation of "children", the Celestials, were born of the emanations of the primordials. They included Hyperion, Phoebe, Okeanos, Themis, Mnemosyne, Kronos and the Elemental Dragons.

The Unbalance grew and the Celestials turned upon the Primordials in a cataclysmic war. The Primordial War took place beyond time-space as humans understood it. It is remembered differently by various races each with its own mythic truth. The kithain cosmology describes this as the conflict between the Tuatha de Danann and the Fomorians settled in the War of Trees.

Throughout human history, the Wyrm has been thrashing in the Weaver's webs and the Unborn stir in Malfeas. Pre-Sundering humanity was as different from modern humanity as the Fae were different from the kithain. The Primordial War, the Sundering and the Shattering each altered reality's fabric, re-writing not just what is but what was and what might be.

Post-War PrimordialsEdit

Reality, Human StyleEdit

Terrestrial cosmology is linear and formative. It is the human world upon which all other primordial realms the Abyss, the Dreaming, Malfeas, the Shadowlands and the Umbra brush. Each of these primordial realms began to spawn its own creations within it, governed by the same triatic essences of dynamic force, pattern and entropy.

  • 1st: The Dawn Times (ended circa Bronze Age 3000 BC with the Primordial War)
  • 2nd: The Age of Myth (ended circa Iron Age 1000 BC with the Sundering)
  • 3rd: The Age of Legends (ended circa 1350s AD with the Shattering)
  • 4th: The Age of Thorns (ended circa 1969 AD with the Resurgence)
  • 5th: The Nadir (current era)
  • The 6th Age
  • The 7th Age
  • The 8th Age

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