Osprey, patron to Austere Howl

Long before Austere Howl formed, its primary ancestors came from two ancient people that converged in war and conquest between 40-200 AD: the White Howlers and House Conquering Claw of Rome. They were kinfolk and Garou who were born in Britannia during the occupation and assumed control of many caerns in the area.

Early Austere HowlEdit

By 410 AD and the completion of the Roman withdrawl from Britain, Austere Howl had its own distinct bloodline with Constantine Corneu and his household as kinfolk. Thier rise of power begain with Ambrosius Aurelius in c. 474-491 until they gained a great deal of influence throughout the peninsula of southwest Albion and warred frequently with the Fianna of Cymru. Thier most notable early king was a son of Cerdic of Wessex.

Austere Howl's Influence 400 AD-1600s ADEdit


map of Wessex and Gwent

The Deep Valley Protectorate held the most powerful caerns held by Austere Howl. They had blood ties with House Gwydion of the fey until the Shattering. Never large, they had limited influence until the fall of House Winter Snow.

Austere Howl 1600s-1900sEdit

During this century, King Aaron Emberstone misused the relic called the Silver Crown upon the Fianna and Get of Fenris. The war seriously weakened all three tribes and gave the Black Spiral Dancers in Scotland the opportunity to dig deep into the land. The Silver Fangs had no direct hand in human politics though they had kinfolk among the House of Stuart and later the House of Windsor.

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